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That's not "exactly" true. The stock market is a zero-sum game. The market capitalization is the total amount of money that investors/speculators have placed into the "money pot" that we call the stock market. When investors get jitters, they sell their shares and take their money out of the money pot. No money is created or destroyed in the stock market. So when the market drops by $1.2T, it means that investors withdrew that much from the stock market (but not necessarily their brokerage accounts).

comment on Where'd The Money Go?, Jan 13

The traffic code exists to standardize automotive and bicycle flow predictability. Deviation from those standards decreases safety and the risk of accidents rises.

Those breaking the traffic code (knowingly or unknowingly) are putting themselves in great danger, as well as others. Some would say it's just stupid. Being ignorant of the traffic laws may very well be punished by death.

Perhaps licenses should be issued for those who have a basic understanding of the applicable bicycle traffic laws.

comment on My Secret Shame, May 06

I'd hardly call the airplane-conveyor-belt question "settled." A scientific study of the issue would use reproducible results based upon acceleration limits for both the airplane and the conveyor belt. The Mythbusters solution was to have both Jamie and the Pilot "gun it", so to speak, and let chance take care of the rest. Moreover, they used speed (for takeoff) as the essential measurement. Not helpful if both the airplane and belt are both increasing in speed at different rates. Of course a lightweight airplane accelerated faster than a *huge truck* pulling the fabric underneath (what are both of their 0-60mph times?).

comment on Helicopter On A Turntable, Apr 07

I went to USF and passed last July's bar exam. Boalt didn't accept me when I applied. Perhaps the admissions committee should cross-check their past rejections with the pass list to see which people they should have admitted. I'd accept an honorary degree if the administration changes its mind. ha!

For the record, USF has a Legal Drafting course taught by Honingsberg in the fall (and another professor in the spring). Roughly 70 students take this course out of the ~230 who take the bar exam. It teaches methods for the performance test portion of the exam. We did ~25 practice tests. I think that Bar/Bri's preparation during the summer was woefully inadequate. I couldn't believe that people expected to learn the method for taking performance exams in only a few days' time.

USF also has Sakai teaching a 2-hour/week class in the spring called "Bar None". It's optional for those in the lowest 20% GPAs. They cover the basics of the bar exam format and strategies for studying. They also most of the time time reviewing two subjects, such as Contracts and Torts. 14 of those 17 taking Bar None passed the CA bar exam last July!!

To elaborate on some of the other posts, the ASP program at USF does not have tutoring after the first year. 2Ls who used to be in the ASP program tutor 1Ls. Also offered are the AAP lectures open to all 1Ls, where 2Ls and 3Ls essentially recite outlines.

comment on Bar Passage Rates, Jan 14

I still don't understand why the 4 leaders were chosen. They clearly aren't the "enlightened" ones that would have the most support. I'll give them credit for choosing bathrooms over television, but they're not the natural leaders of the group.

$5 says that there would have been a rebellion. Yet because of this golden star, it's going to make everyone seek the leaders' benevolence.

Further, given the nature of the waiver that the participants signed, I expected more chaos than dirty dishes and one bathroom.

comment on Kid Nation, Sep 21

I have yet to see a compelling argument for riding a fixed on the street, especially without additional brakes. I admit to never riding one because of the risk of getting thrown over the handlebars. Forget to keep pedaling? You're tossed! Shoelace caught in gear? You're tossed! Tight and fast turn while your foot scrapes the ground? You're tossed!

I don't know anyone that has been involved in an accident, but the minimalistic design itself makes them dangerous. Having front and rear brakes will always slow you faster than just skip-stopping your rear tire or applying counterforce on the pedals. I'll continue to think that it's idiocy until someone tells me why it's either not risky or worth the risk.

And doesn't skidding your rear tire often necessitate regular replacements? Seems expensive.

comment on Firing off at fixed-gears, Oct 02

Compare [the cost of an HDTV Tivo] to how much more processing power is recommended to show HD Quicktime movies [on a souped up Mac]:

Apple Quicktime HD System Recommendations

comment on HD TiVo, way too expensive, Sep 12

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