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About Mike B.

I was born Michael Thomas. I currently live in San Francisco in Hayes Valley. I am a local lawyer and registered investment adviser.

I grew up in the Bay Area. I went to elementary school in Hayward and Fremont. I commuted to a high school in San Jose. I then attended a university in Pittsburgh. Following university studies, I designed infrastructure to integrate technology into buildings. Desiring to widen my focus about infrastructure, energy and finance, I completed law school.

I'm on the path of setting up and marketing a equity investment partnership. This blog will be used to flush out many of my thoughts and musings.

I have a long-term desire to learn Spanish, Mandarin, and to re-learn French. I want to climb (moderately-high) mountains. I want to learn letterpress printing techniques. I want to learn guitar. I want to watch more documentaries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nobody has asked me enough questions to make them "frequent", so ask away and maybe I'll post them.

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